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ISBN Cover Title Author Publisher Year Description Ref.
0907526551 Pictorial History of Paisley Rowand, David Alloway Publishing 1993 An illustrated history of the the town. 1065
0907526756 In Pursuit of Sir William Wallace Loudoun, Craufuird C. Alloway Publishing 1999 A biography of William Wallace in the form of an encyclopaedia of the places in Scotland associated with him. 1069
090752608X Ali Aslam's Shish Mahal Cook Book Aslam, Ali; Kennedy, Flloyd Alloway Publishing 1982 The Shish Mahal is one of Glasgow`s most famous "curry houses" and has been the haunt of Glasgow University students and Westenders for a very long time. This cookbook is based on the restaurant`s dishes. 1071
090752625X Devil on Wheels, The: The Story of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, Inventor of the Bicycle Irving, Gordon Alloway Publishing 1986 Kirkpatrick MacMillan (1813-78) is claimed by Scotland as the inventor of the "velocipede" (bicycle). He had a smithy in Keir Mill in Dumfriesshire and developed the bicycle in 1839. In 1842 he was fined for speeding in Glasgow`s Gorbals and fined 8 shillings. This is his story. 1072
0709036671 Scottish Kirkyards Love, Dane Alloway Publishing 1989 Scottish churchyards are an extremely important source of local history. The book describes the historical role of these burial grounds and explains the carvings found on gravestones. There is also material on Scottish burial traditions. 1077
090752611X Bairnsangs: Nursery Rhymes in Scots Ross, Sandy Thomas Alloway Publishing 1985 A collection of nursery rhmes in Scots. 1078
0907526667 Blackthorn Lore and the Art of Making Walking Sticks Douglas, J.M. Alloway Publishing 1995 Carving walking sticks from the blackthorn bush is an old folk craft and this book describes the history of the craft and how the sticks are made. 1080
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