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This page shows all the subjects and how they are divided into topics.
This page can be reached by clicking on the yellow "subjects & topics" link which is on the right. This link is found throughout the site.
When this page is used it opens as a separate window.
If you want to find where more obscure "sub topics" are located then go tothe Help page called topics.

1 reference & general descriptions general description & reference photographic studies bibliographies misc.
2 guidebooks & local histories general specific areas or places specific topics misc.
3 geography, geology & natural features
general geology & physical geography lochs, rivers & the coast mountains & open land
4 ecology & natural history
general ecology & conservation flora fauna
climate & weather misc.
5 history general 21st century 20th century 19th century
18th century 17th century 16th century 11th - 15th centuries
Roman - 10th century Roman pre-Roman misc.

social history

general philosophy religion social behaviour & customs
fashion childhood youth culture gay & lesbian
7 government, politics & public services general government & politics law housing
social services crime, punishment & law enforcement health & NHS labour movement
children & youth issues elderly military public utilities
8 education general universities colleges schools
pre-school misc.
9 architecture & buildings general architecture & planning general architectural guides castles & fortifications religious buildings
houses industrial & commercial buildings misc. specific buildings building materials & conservation
architects public sculpture misc.
10 archaeology general industrial post-Roman Roman
pre-Roman misc.
11 performing arts & music general dance theatre opera & classical music
rock & pop music folk music piping misc.
12 visual arts general film, TV & photography painting & drawing sculpture
decorative arts misc.
13 language & literature general literary criticism newspapers & magazines folklore
humour Gaelic Scots local dialects
14 museums, galleries & places to visit general museums & galleries exhibitions, events & festivals parks, gardens & outdoor spaces
misc. places to visit misc.  
15 transport general roads & road vehicles railways sea, canals, lochs & rivers
air misc.
16 industry general engineering, manufacturing & construction mining & quarrying oil, gas & chemicals
textiles & clothing crafts misc.
17 economics, commerce & trade general economic philosophy & history financial services trade
18 fishing, agriculture & rural issues general fishing farming, horticulture & forestry crofting & rural issues
19 sports & pastimes general walking & climbing cycling football
watersports, yachting, cruising & canoeing motorsports golf angling
skiing rugby shinty highland games
athletics swimming gardening misc. sports
20 food & drink general food & cooking whisky & distilleries restaurants, pubs & tearooms
21 genealogy & links with other countries general tracing ancestors public records graveyards
clans & tartans emigration, the Scots abroad & links with other countries immigration & multicultural issues misc.
22 visitor information general accommodation things to do misc.
23 maps general maps atlases historical maps
specialist maps misc.
24 misc. general children`s books quizzes misc.