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Name of "topic" or "sub topic" This information shows where the books are located. Notes
Subject Topic
abbeys (buildings) architecture & buildings religious buildings
accommodation visitor information accommodation
agriculture fishing, agriculture & rural issues farming, horticulture & forestry
ancestors (tracing) genealogy & links with other countries tracing ancestors
angling sports & pastimes angling
animals (wild) ecology & natural history fauna
archaeology (general) archaeology
architects architecture & buildings architects
architecture (general) architecture & buildings
architectural guides architecture & buildings general architectural guides
armed forces government, politics & public services military
art visual arts painting & drawing see also: "galleries"
athletics sports & pastimes athletics
bagpipes performing arts & music piping
beer food & drink misc.
bibliographies reference & general descriptions
birds ecology & natural history fauna
building materials architecture & buildings building materials & conservation
buildings architecture & buildings see also "guidebooks"
cafés food & drink restaurants, pubs & tearooms
canals transport sea, canals, lochs & rivers
canoeing sports & pastimes watersports, yachting, cruising & canoeing
castles architecture & buildings castles & fortifications
cathedrals (buildings) architecture & buildings religious buildings
childhood (growing up) social history childhood
children (social & legal issues) government, politics & public services children & youth issues
children`s books misc. children`s books
churches (buildings) architecture & buildings religious buildings
churches (organisations) social history religion
cinemas visual arts film, TV & photography see also "guidebooks" & "buildings"
clans genealogy & links with other countries clans & tartans
climbing sports & pastimes walking & climbing
coal industry mining & quarrying
coast (geography) geography, geology & natural features lochs, rivers & the coast
colleges education colleges
conservation (buildings) architecture & buildings building materials & conservation
conservation (environment) ecology & natural history ecology & conservation
cooking food & drink food & cooking
country dancing (Scottish) performing arts & music dance
country parks museums, galleries & places to visit parks, gardens & open spaces
crafts industry crafts
crime government, politics & public services crime, punishment & law enforcement
crofters` wars history 19th century see also "crofting"
crofting fishing, agriculture & rural issues crofting & rural issues
customs (social behaviour) social history social behaviour & customs
cycling sports & pastimes cycling