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Name of "topic" or "sub topic" This information shows where the books are located. Notes
Subject Topic
tartan genealogy & links with other countries clans & tartans
tearoom food & drink restaurants, pubs & tearooms
technology industry engineering, manufacturing & construction
television visual arts film, TV & photography
textile industry industry textiles & clothing
theatre performing arts & music theatre
tourism visitor information
trade economics, commerce & trade trade
trade unions government, politics & public services trade unions
trams transport roads & road vehicles
transport transport
universities education universities
visitors visitor information
walking sports & pastimes walking & climbing
watersports sports & pastimes watersports, yachting, cruising & canoeing
whaling fishing, agriculture & rural issues fishing
whisky food & drink whisky & distilleries
yachting sports & pastimes watersports, yachting, cruising & canoeing
young people (social & legal issues) government, politics & public services children & youth issues
youth culture social history youth culture